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Dear colleagues,

Project-Horizons is a travel and tourism agency founded under license No. 003427 / MT / DPAT / BPT of the Ministry of Tourism of Senegal. It was created in 2002 by one of the great pioneers of tourism in Senegal in this case the late Guy DELMAS. Then, in the interest of continuity of the business of the agency, it was later taken over in 2016 by Mrs. GARCIA Victorine SAGNA, currently General Manager of the company.

We inform you that Project-Horizons has for object in Senegal and elsewhere :

– All travel agency operations (Booking-Sale of airline tickets all destinations)

– Tourism in all its forms in Senegal and everywhere in West Africa

– The development and execution of tourist circuits (in West Africa)

– The general company of tourist transport by any means – The exploitation of tourist sites.

So we invite you all to discover Senegal and the rest of West Africa in all its splendor.

A Passion for Tours & Aventures

Project Horizons organizes visits inside Senegal to other West African countries. In short, we organize tours in the region of West Africa which is famous for its great human and cultural diversity but also for its landscapes of infinite variety with: deserts, savannas, forests, mountains and rivers.

Our carefully designed tours are offered on the basis of the originality of places to visit, the reception of local people, their unique living environments, picturesque landscapes and also the exceptional collaboration we have with professionals tourism that live in these countries we visit.

Our approaches

Organized in a spirit of adventure and discovery of the other and its culture and in its natural environment, our tours will offer you intense and unforgettable moments among these African people where our credo: “Project Horizons , another experience of designing travel products and discovering other horizons “.

Whether you are young, old, schoolboy, student or professional association, national or international institution, sports or cultural, our tours will meet your expectations. And with such diversity and cultures, landscapes, peoples, fauna and flora, our tours will only be able to meet your expectations but also satisfy your customers and your desires.

We are delighted in advance, with the idea of ​​working with you and of being able to assure you of our determination to work alongside any collaborator to achieve a lasting partnership. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer you. Thank you and see you soon !!!

        The Director General

Mrs GARCIA Victorine SAGNA

Rockstar Team

A dedicated team, always here to assist you and help you get a full experience of your adventures and travels

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Mme GARCIA Victorine SAGNA

Head Manager

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M. Arona SARR

Directeur Général Adjoint

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Mlle Diariétou GOUDIABY


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M. Aly Badou Pierre DIALLO

Responsable Administratif et Financier

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M. Esther Armele NZALY

Responsable Commercial

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Mme SYLLA Mame Astou Laye HANE

Chef Agence